TRU Athletics Stainless Competition Bar

Weight: 20kg/15kg
Shaft Diameter: 28mm/25mm
Tensile Strength: 215,000 psi
Bearing or Bushing: 10 needle bearing
Finish: Stainless Steel
Knurling Type: Aggressive




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Stainless Competition:

The newer version of our Tru Competition bar, the Stainless Competition bar is designed to steal the heart of any Tru weightlifting enthusiast. This bar contains 10 needle bearings and stainless-steel bushings, and a tensile strength of 215,000 psi. The finish is a high grade stainless-steel designed to eliminate corrosion, and while the aggressive knurling makes this bar a perfect fit for attempting maximum efforts lifts, some may not find it enjoyable for everyday use. The center knurling is also found on the 20kg bar.

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