Tradition Barbell Open 2022 - Tru Athletics Legend Bar

Black Cerakote Shaft and Sleeves
8 needle bearing
Tensile Strength: 195,000
Shaft Diameter: 28mm/25mm
Weight: 20kg/15kg
Knurling Type: Medium




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This item is offered at a discounted price and may only be picked up at the Tradition Barbell Open II venue at the end of the meet. No exceptions! If you have any questions, email Visit here for ticket sales or here for updates.

Legend Bar:

The Legend Bar is an upgraded version of our Elite training bar. The addition of the cerakote coating, found in military gun barrels, prevents scratching and corrosion with the same durability and reliability as our Elite training bar. The Legend bar contains 8 needle bearings, black cerakote finish on the shaft as well as the sleeves, and both Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting markings. The knurling is medium and there is no center knurling on the men’s or women’s bar.

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