Tradition Barbell Open 2022 - 140 KG Competition Bumper Set

Tru Athletics Competition Bumper Plates made from virgin rubber, steel disc, and chrome plated are every competitive athletes dream. In addition to their sleek appearance, they also meet all IWF standards. The Tru Competition plates have a 50.4mm collar opening, raised lettering and are drop tested 65,000 times to ensure strength and durability. Customization is available. Contact us for details and pricing.

10kg = 30mm

15kg = 42mm

20kg = 53mm

25kg = 66mm

25lbs = 33mm

35lbs = 43mm

45lbs = 54mm

55lbs = 66mm



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This item is offered at a discounted price and may only be picked up at the Tradition Barbell Open II venue at the end of the meet. No exceptions! If you have any questions, email Visit here for ticket sales or here for updates.

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